áreas de desempeño abogados

Areas of Practice

We provide counsel to our clients in all fields of the law, especially on the following areas:

  • Incorporation, termination, mergers and spin-offs of companies
  • Corporate matters (capital increases and reductions, bylaws amendments, corporate books, etc.)
  • Negotiation and drafting of shareholders agreements
  • Commercial contracts and means of payment (promissory notes, invoices, checks)
  • M&A deals, due diligence reports, Share Purchase Agreements, concentrations, corporate restructuring, tax planning.
  • Family protocols, organization of family-owned businesses.
  • Corporate litigation and arbitration.
  • International sales agreements and means of payment (L/C, documentary collections, international recovery litigation).
  • Free trade zone, free ports regulations, trading transactions.
  • Special duties, subsidies, dumping, industry regulations
  • Banking regulation and transactions
  • IPOs and private bond issuances
  • Financial and ordinary trusts
  • Investment advisors, broker dealers and financial brokers
  • Wind energy and renewable resources
  • Mining (prospecting, exploration and concession)
  • Real estate developments and hotels
  • Government bids and public contracts
  • Trademark search and advice
  • Trademark registration and assignments
  • Trademark litigation
  • Preventive advice on antitrust matters
  • Administrative antitrust proceedings
  • Antitrust litigation